Downtown Investment Property

We were looking for our first investment opportunity for a Downtown Hendersonville vacation rental. We wanted something that we could remodel and make our own but we were also working to a strict budget. With Andrew (Murkens’) help we found what we think is the perfect house. Using Andrew’s offer strategy we got the house at a great price but were still unsure if several structural issues would stop us from closing. Andrew brought in a great team of inspectors and structural engineers and we were satisfied that the issues could be economically dealt with. Throughout the process of hunting, making the offer and closing, Andrew was always there with the information we needed when we needed it. If the information was not at hand, he tried hard to get us the information we needed and followed-up on all our inquiries. To me this was really important – getting the information we needed in a timely manner without having to do all the follow-up myself. I came to a good trust relationship with Andrew; I trusted he would keep on top of the process and that he was savvy in the market and getting the best deal for me that he could. I strongly recommend him and will use him again for my next purchase.

— Bob W.