This is the first of three episodes in which I highlight and walk-through the top three real estate applications for 2018.

In this first installment we look at the app that lands in our third place position: Zillow

This is one of the most widely uses real estate apps out there and for very good reason. It touts a high def interface that is easy to navigate and explore.

The Zillow app does a superb job of categorizing information along the right hand side of the screen and catching your eye with relevant icons so you don’t miss the content your hunting as you scroll through the long list of property details.

The reason that Zillow didn’t score even higher is because it is notorious for having incorrect information. When you are buying or selling a home in a highly competitive, fast paced market not having the right info at your finger tips can very easily mean the difference between making the deal or missing out on it entirely.

Over all we like the Zillow app a lot and applaud their continued efforts to bolster the accuracy of their content. We’ll keep a close eye on this competitor because they could easily have a shot at the first place slot next year!